Vista interna del capannone di Muggiò

Special Stamp s.r.l. was founded in Sesto San Giovanni in 1958 as a workshop for the design and production of moulds for injection moulding. Later on, the moulding of plastics for housewares and home decor was implemented, followed by the moulding of technicial products for industry. In 2009 our company was moved to its present location in Muggiò, where we have been moulding items for electronics industry, taps and fittings, and household electrical appliances.

Throughout over 50 years of activity Specialstamp has gained great expertise in constructing moulds and in moulding plastics. Moulding machines of several dimensions enable us to manufacture a wide range of items.

In addition to moulding on behalf of third parties, we have designed and made the equipment to produce the ventilation system consisting in louvers with adjustable blades called ME-VI, which allows us to promptly satisfy any request coming from our customers.