The aluminium jambs supporting blade holders are available in two versions: P40 profile and P34 profile.

The following components and accessories are available for both ME-VI series:

  • Spacer
    A block made of thermoplastic material for the coupling of P34 profile jambs.
  • U profiles made of anodized aluminium
    Aiming at reinforcing polycarbonate blades; available in two sizes: 6 mm for the blades installed on ME-VI 15 louvers and 10 mm for the blades installed on ME-VI 30 louvers.
  • Blades made of alveolar polycarbonate
    Extruded polycarbonate blades.
  • Crossbeam made of anodized aluminium
    A gasketed anodized aluminium profile installed at the base and at the top of the frame to increase the resistance of the window.
  • Piston rod
    A lever made of thermoplastic material, whose housing is 1" wide; used with continuous windows for the automatic opening and closing of fixtures via an electric engine.