ME-VI louvers with adjustable blades consist of two window jambs and two connecting rods made of anodized aluminium, blade holders, and a control handle made of self-lubricating, non-deformable, heat-resistant thermoplastic material. They can be installed on any kind (wood, iron, aluminium, etc.) of frame and are particularly suited for garages, basements, warehouses, depots, sheds, greenhouses, and all indoor spaces where natural ventilation is needed.

ME-VI 15 and ME-VI 30

ME-VI louvers are available in two sizes (ME-VI 15 and ME-VI 30), depending on blade holders' length; several accessories are also in stock.

ME-VI 15 louvers employ 150 mm long, 5-6 mm thick, and up to 800 mm high glass or polycarbonate blades; in case of wider openings, the window span requires partitioning by means of several jambs coupled with props produced by us.

ME-VI 30 louvers employ 10 mm thick, 290 mm long, and up to 1000 mm high blades only made of poycarbonate; blade edges can be strengthened with aluminium U profiles.